Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for your help with our latest challenge. You were so great with [child’s name] and really helped our family through a difficult time. You are fantastic!

In short, were it not for the tenacity, passion and intelligence of Val Robin, my life, that of my family and many others would be drastically different, and not for the better . . . In what could only be described as a dramatic, Hollywood worthy drama, I was proved right, and my decision to hire Val has altered the course of my life.

Big is not better. Val’s experience at a big firm like Mintz Levin adds to her strength as an independent lawyer. I’ve been a repeat client of Val’s for many years and have also used large firms in the past . . . While often lawyers seemed almost happy to run up the legal costs, Val actively strategizes on when and how to respond, and knows when to let the others fight it out. In my case, she protected my wallet, my company and me. Thank you, Val.

I had an extremely difficult and complicated divorce situation from my ex-wife where I was seeking full custody of our children. Val Robin kept me focused . . . She has a brilliant legal mind and worked conscientiously and diligently towards a successful outcome for our family. Val’s honesty, integrity, and thorough attention to detail were invaluable to me. I can’t thank her enough.

In the worst, most devastating juncture of my life, Val Robin was a shining star in a sea of lawyers . . . our case was so dismal, one very well-known lawyer in Boston told us that the only thing he could do to help us (after I wrote him a check) is to tell us to “get out of the country right away and plan never to come back!” . . . We searched for an ethical, moral, hardworking, and passionate lawyer that actually cared, and we found Val Robin. It is solely due to her genius interpretation of the laws and protecting our rights as human beings that we are still here in the US . . .When we later ran into the hotshot lawyer . . . befuddled he said, “oh, you’re still here?” We replied, “Yes, thanks to Val Robin.